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Family owned and operated by the Lemieux and Barbusci families, Tree Trek Adventure Park welcomes guests to the thrills and excitement of an aerial adventure set in a natural 15-acre pine tree forest just minutes away from the Disney theme parks. At Tree Trek you’ll discover 97 aerial games for all ages and abilities that will challenge you and get your adrenalin pumping. The adventure begins when you check in at our Welcome Center where you’ll be outfitted for your climb and meet one of our trained guides who will show you how to safely navigate our courses.

About Tree Trek

Whether you choose our specially designed Kids course, or our Junior and Adult tickets featuring games 10 to 50 feet in the air, climbers work their way through ever more challenging obstacles experiencing the thrills and personal sense of accomplishment that only an aerial park can provide.

The Lemieux and Barbusci families set out to build the most fun and challenging Park possible while ensuring that our guests’ safety and satisfaction would always be top priority. So they chose two of the most renowned names in the business, TreeGo and Outplay Adventures LLC, to design and build Tree Trek Adventure Park. The two companies have gained an excellent international reputation as builders of multiple parks throughout both North America and Europe.

From the materials and designs used to build the Park to the actual equipment used by our climbers, only the best has been chosen to ensure everyone will have a safe, carefree and exciting experience. It’s important to the Lemieux and Barbusci families as well as to our guests that everything used in the Park’s construction meet or exceed all established industry standards and that all our outdoor operating procedures, including game and equipment inspections, have been established based on a “best industry practice only” basis.

The Lemieux and Barbusci families welcome you to the Park not only for a truly thrilling and unique outdoor adventure, but also to see how a family owned and operated business makes the difference in ensuring that all our guests have the most enjoyable, safe and memorable experience possible.

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Book Your Next Adventure


Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park

We climb rain or shine. Limited number of climbers in each departure. Reservations are recommended. Departures start at 8:30 am. Hours are seasonal so please check the time blocks when you make your reservation.

Secure your departure time! Due to increased demand, we now require all adventures be booked in advance. Book Now!