Park Policies

Park Policies

Reservation Time
Departure times are scheduled in advance to ensure the timely and efficient operation of the Park. It is thereby very important that all guests arrive on time in order to avoid a delayed departure.

Bad Weather Policy
The Park is open rain or shine, with the exception of Lightning storms within 10 miles of the Park, in which case Climbers will be evacuated to the Back Deck of the Welcome Center for safety purposes. If a storm persists for more than one half hour, Climbers will be entitled to a Rain Check only for the remainder of the course(s) not yet completed. There is no expiration date on Rain Checks and they must be presented upon the return visit without exception. Only Climbers who have not yet started any portion of any course will be entitled to a refund.

Waiver Policy
Under State Law all Climbers must read and complete a waiver form prior to climbing, without exception. Climbers under the age of 18 must provide a signed and completed waiver form from their parent or legal guardian in addition to their own. Waiver forms can be completed at the Park or accessed and printed from our website (under the Waivers heading) at

Cancellation Policy
Guests are free to cancel any reservation made up to 28 hours prior to their scheduled departure and receive a full refund. Guests making a cancellation request within 48 hours of a previously scheduled reservation will only be entitled to reschedule their visit for a later date and not a refund.

Conduct Policy
Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park does not permit smoking, alcoholic beverages, or bad language, and reserves the right to remove Climbers from the Park at any time, without refund, for bad behavior and/or failure to follow all posted Park rules and verbal instructions from our Guides at all times without exception. As a courtesy to others, Climbers have up to three horse to complete the Adult Course (prorated for the other course) and return their harness to the Welcome Center. These policies are in place to ensure both the safety and enjoyment of the Park for all Guests.

Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park

We climb rain or shine. Limited number of climbers in each departure. Reservations are recommended. Departures start at 8:30 am. Hours are seasonal so please check the time blocks when you make your reservation.

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