Travel agents in front of Orlando Tree Trek sign.

The Air Canada Race takes on Orlando Tree Trek

Canadian travel agents recently took on Orlando Tree Trek’s courses as a part of the Air Canada Race 2018. Read Travel Press’ article here or continue reading below to see what their Tree Trek experience was like.


“Next up, the teams, made up of travel agents from across Canada, as well as representatives from Air Canada, Air Canada Vacations and trade media (including PressToday), went head to head at Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park, a progressively challenging aerial obstacle course.

Participants swung on Tarzan ropes, climbed ladders up to 50-feet high, leaped into hanging nets, crossed wobbly suspended bridges, navigated swinging logs and soared on zip lines as they made their way through the courses in staggered start times. (Trust us, it’s harder than it looks, despite how easy Air Canada’s Jamie Fox may make it look in the photo.)”

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