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Are adventure park ziplines safe for the family?

When you picture your next family vacation, are you doing something bold and exciting? Maybe you’re craving an adventure like going on a ropes course or ziplining in Florida. Orlando is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, and there are many opportunities to experience such a thrill.

Perhaps the only thing holding you back from booking a reservation at a treetop trek is the thought of swinging through the trees with just a cable, trolly and harness. In this case, you might be wondering if adventure park ziplines are too dangerous for kids.

There’s no need to fear! As a family-friendly park with tree to tree adventures in Florida, we can promise you that adventure park ziplines are completely safe for kids.

At Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park, your safety is our top priority. We provide you with proper safety precautions before and while you zipline Orlando. Here’s why your family won’t be at risk.

Training on the demo course

Whether it’s your first time at a rope park or your hundredth time at an outdoor obstacle course, all explorers go through a demonstration course before climbing up ladders and taking a breathtaking flight through the trees.

To make everyone feel safe and ready to go, tree to tree adventure park employees go through a detailed training on course rules and demonstrate how the equipment works. They’ll even help tighten your family’s harnesses so you are all safe and secure.

Orlando Tree Trek wants to make sure everyone feels knowledgeable and comfortable enough with our high-quality equipment. We use a system from CLiC-iT, which works with magnetic locks that only allow one of the carabiners to be unlocked at a time. That means you will always be securely attached when you’re climbing on the course.

Proper attire

All explorers are required to wear closed-toe shoes and tighter clothes at this hands-on rope adventure park. Any guests with longer hair must also tie it back to keep hair out of their faces and limit the risk of it getting stuck in equipment. We also advise leaving jewelry at home, especially dangly pieces that could get caught in equipment. Proper attire sets everyone up for safety, so we’ll remind you of these precautions at the time of your reservation.

Guidance is always near

Guides are on the courses at all times. If you ever need assistance, they’ll only be a shout away. If you’re child feels frightened, the guides are there to help them feel empowered and encouraged to take on the challenge. Our guides are present to answer any questions and to make you and your family feel safe.

Courses are dependent on age and height

For the safety of you and your family, Orlando Tree Trek has courses for guests based on their age and height. We want all participants to have the ability to reach the ropes and obstacles that they might face on the course.

There are four sections of the adult course for participants 12 and up who can reach up to a height of 5’11” with the tips of their fingers. Our Junior Ticket includes the first three sections of that course and is meant for those ages 9 to 11 who can reach up to 5’9”. Both courses end with our giant zipline, but they also include ziplines throughout.

Climbers between the ages 6 and 8 can participate on the kids’ courses. They must be able to reach up to a heigh of 4’7” with the tips of their fingers while keeping feet flat on the ground. At least one legal parent or guardian above the age of 18 must accompany their children throughout the entire climbing and zipping experience. This is a great opportunity to take pictures of your little ones conquering their fears and having fun up in the trees.

So, to answer your question… adventure park ziplines are safe for the family. After taking the proper training and safety precautions, everyone will feel safe at the rope park.

Want to zipline Florida? Orlando Tree Trek is the place for you. Call now at 407-390-9999 or book your family a reservation today.

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