How to prepare for a tree to tree adventure park

Maybe in the rush of excitement for your vacation, you saw someone ziplining through the trees and grabbed your credit card. Now, as the date approaches, you’re wondering if this is really for you. Want to know how to prepare for a tree to tree adventure park?

Not to worry! Here at Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park, we know adventure park ziplines and aerial obstacle courses like the back of our hand. It might seem overwhelming if it’s your first time, but we’re here to help.

You can always check out our FAQ page, but we wanted to go more in-depth with everything you need to know to prepare for a day at a rope adventure park here. Keep reading!

Know what you’re getting into

Navigating a treetop trek is certainly fun, but it can also be physically challenging. It requires balance, strength, stamina and agility. One of the best ways to prepare yourself for a rope park is by knowing what you’re getting into — the most fun workout you’ve ever had! It’s also a mental test as you acclimate to your view up in the trees and work out the best ways to cross obstacles.

Another important note? Many rope adventure parks (including Tree Trek) aren’t just ziplines! They include dozens of obstacles like wobbly bridges, hanging nets and more to get the adrenaline pumping. And, don’t worry. At Orlando Tree Trek, your adventure will start with a training session and course so you know how all of our safety equipment works and feel confident starting your climb.

Know what ticket you chose

At our park, at least, your ticket is meant to fit you and will determine your adventure. If you’ve purchased an Adult Ticket (ages 12+, who can reach up to a height of 5’11” with fingertips while keeping feet flat on the ground), you’ll take on our Green, Blue, Silver and Red Courses, plus get to race down the Giant Zip Line.

The Junior Ticket (ages 9-11, who can reach up to a height of 5’9” with fingertips while keeping feet flat on the ground) includes the Green, Blue and Silver Courses with the Giant Zip Line. The Kids Ticket (ages 6-8, who can reach up to a height of 4’7” with fingertips while keeping feet flat on the ground) includes two separate courses featuring 21 unique challenges and a walking path below. Guests must weigh less than or equal to 275 pounds to participate on our courses safely. Finding the right course for everyone in your party will set you all up for success.

Dress appropriately

You’ll be outside participating in tree to tree adventures for the entire length of your time here at Tree Trek, so there are a couple requirements and recommendations we have when it comes to what to wear. For safety purposes, we require appropriate footwear and clothing, which includes no open-toed shoes, slip-on shoes, loose or baggy clothing or shirts wrapped around the waist. Long hair must also be tied back. We don’t recommend wearing any type of jewelry, especially necklaces or loose bracelets that could get caught in equipment and pose a safety hazard.

Additionally, we recommend wearing clothing you don’t mind getting dirty or sweaty, as we’ll be outside doing physical activity. You might also want to bring gloves for your comfort, or, we offer them for $2.

Check the weather

Florida’s weather can be unpredictable, but at Orlando Tree Trek, our ropes course is open rain or shine! In the event of heavy rain, or if there’s lightning in the area, climbers will be evacuated from the course to wait it out or come back another day. It can also be hot here in the Sunshine State, so you might consider booking an early climb to beat the heat (and save!) Regardless, a quick peek at the weather before you head to the park can help you come prepared to have fun no matter what.

Plan for a half-day adventure

We are often asked how long it takes to complete a treetop trek. It can vary, but we like to tell climbers that Tree Trek is a half-day adventure. It takes about three hours to complete our adult course, so plan your day accordingly! Of course, you can end your adventure at any time, and one of our guides will come assist you.

Get ready to make some memories

One of the most important things to keep in mind as you plan your adventure? You’re going to have a blast! Tree Trek is an amazing spot for photo ops. Take a selfie 50 feet up in the trees, or follow along on our walking trails and document the fun for the whole family. But trust us when we say NOTHING compares to the feeling you’ll have when you conquer the course!

Now that you’ve heard our best tips for preparing for a tree to tree adventure in Florida, we hope you feel ready to tackle the park! Book tickets today by going to or by calling (407) 390-9999.

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