How to prepare for tree to tree adventures

While we feel totally at home swinging high in the air among the trees, we understand that planning your zipline Florida adventures might be a bit intimidating. 

You might wonder what you should wear at a ropes course, how to book or even if you have to be physically fit to conquer your tree to tree adventures. 

The good news? Tree to tree adventure parks can be fun for everyone!

We have come up with the following recommendations so you can be prepared for your visit and have the best experience possible. 

Be prepared for any type of weather

Ziplining in Florida can come with some unpredictable weather. We do not climb if there is heavy rain or lightning, but light rain won’t stop you from enjoying the adventure park ziplines. If you want to avoid summer showers or the hot sun, try booking your reservation earlier in the day. But know that no matter the weather, soaring through the trees is the best way to enjoy Florida!

Book your adventure online

Save your time and book online! We highly encourage you make a reservation for your adventure. We have departures every 30 minutes, but every group must sign waivers and go through our training course before tackling the rope park. Booking online can help speed up the process and ensure you get a spot! It can also score you some savings. Check out our current specials to get the most bang for your buck.

Wear the proper attire

Comfort is key when visiting a rope adventure park. Light, athletic clothing and tennis shoes are perfect for the Florida heat and constant movement. For your safety, avoid loose, baggy clothing and dangling jewelry. We also recommend that anyone with long hair ties it back to avoid any tangling.

Understand the adventure ahead

To make the most out of your tree to tree adventure park visit, you should know all about the fun that lies ahead. First, all climbers should know about the different course options we offer so they can find the best fit for them and their group. These offerings vary by age and height. Second, climbers often have questions about a weight limit at Orlando Tree Trek. We require that climbers weigh less than 275 pounds and have a 44-inch waist or smaller for equipment use. Finally, know that our treetop trek takes roughly three hours to complete and will challenge you both physically and mentally. Don’t be afraid to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Completing a challenging obstacle course can bring you a sense of achievement and boost your confidence!  

Are you ready to zipline Orlando?

With over 97 obstacles and challenges and the beautiful Florida zipline views, you are guaranteed to have a blast! Coming prepared will allow you to take in all of the fun that Orlando Tree Trek has to offer. Make your visit easier by giving us a call at 407-390-9999 or visiting our website here to book your adventures in Florida today.

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