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Is a rope adventure park fun for families?

Orlando is known for having activities for the whole family. Between visiting theme parks and getting closer with nature, there are so many family-friendly adventures in Florida!  Another to add to the list?  How about a tree-to-tree adventure park?

A ropes course can be an awesome way to spend the day for adventurous families, but we understand if you’re on the fence. You might be wondering, “Is a rope adventure park fun for families?”

Don’t worry! Although the idea of swinging in the trees may be a little daunting, we’ve got a way for the whole family to enjoy this treetop trek.

Big or small, we’ve got it all!

One concern you might have about tackling tree to tree adventures might be whether or not the whole family can participate. Great news! Tree Trek is equipped to handle climbers, zipliners, and explorers of all ages!

Younger climbers get their own obstacle course with our two kids courses with 21 obstacles. Children must be at least 6 years old and be able to reach up to 4’7” while keeping their feet flat to adventure through the trees.

Big kids and adults alike can take on the main courses with the adult or junior ticket. Our adult courses are ranked by skill and elevation. Our Green Course is the first level with minimum elevation and requires minimum skill to navigate. For those feeling a little braver, continue to the Blue Course. This course is at a medium elevation and requires medium skill. The Silver Course is where you really need your game face on. This ropes course requires medium skill, and you’ll be at an advanced elevation. Lastly, we’ve got the course of all courses. Completing the Red Course earns you ultimate bragging rights and a chance to say you swung better than Tarzan. It is at an advanced elevation and requires advanced skill. Climbers can go as far as they wish, and our guides are there to assist if you get stuck.

That makes Tree Trek great for each individual family member!

Safety is our top priority

Perhaps your biggest concern is safety. At Tree Trek, that’s our top concern, too! We want to make sure every climber is having the best experience by having the safest experience. Here’s what you should know before venturing out in the rope park.

Wearing the proper clothing is a must. We require closed-toed shoes and recommend no loose clothing or jewelry. We also suggest tying long hair back so that it doesn’t get caught anywhere while you zipline Orlando.

Before you begin your adventure, our guides will walk you through a demonstration course so you can learn everything you need to know about our state-of-the-art harness and clip system. These help you feel absolutely secure while you take on the adventure park ziplines!

And don’t forget to stay hydrated. Swinging through the trees means you will be exerting a lot of energy, so make sure to bring your water or buy the water ticket.

Just enough adventure

We know that when you’re visiting Orlando, time is precious. You don’t want the family to be hot, tired, and cranky while suffering through hours of activity. At Tree Trek, ziplining in Florida takes about three hours if you’re doing the adult courses—about a half-day adventure. That means once you’ve had your fill of the action, you’ll have time to pack in more fun or relaxation for the rest of the day, keeping the family happy. May we suggest some ice cream and AC?

Tree Trek means fun, faith, and family

At Tree Trek, you’ll learn the importance of trusting yourself and how much you really are capable of. We love watching our climbers gain a little bit more confidence with each new course.

But the best part about this adventure? Doing it with your family. Tree Trek is the perfect spot to face your fears, have a good time, and make great memories with the people you love. After all, your loved ones cheering you on will help you become a pro at adventure park ziplines.

So there you have it! In our opinion, there’s no better way to spend time with family than a rope park adventure!

Ready to hang around and zipline Florida with Tree Trek? Call us today at 407-390-9999 or visit our website here to book your adventure in Florida. 

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