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Is a rope park a good activity for kids?

So, you’re planning your next family vacation, and Orlando is at the top of the list. Families travel to Orlando for sun and days filled with fun. There’s something to do for everyone, from hanging out at the theme parks to getting up close to gators. You might have even considered a thrilling ropes course. However, a parent may wonder…is a rope park a good activity for kids?

Orlando Tree Trek is a rope adventure park that is perfect for kids to visit. It is a great activity, and we ensure the safety of our visitors as they embark on an adventure-filled day.

Here are a few reasons why a rope park is a good activity for kids.

A special course for little adventurers

To make sure kids have an opportunity to experience adventures in Florida, we offer a kids ticket with two separate kids courses. The courses have 21 aerial obstacles and are meant for kids 6 to 8. Our kids rope course was designed with our young adventurers in mind. It is a smaller scale so kids can reach and be thrilled as they defeat the course. To participate, the child must be able to reach their fingertips to a height of 4’7” while keeping their feet flat to the ground.

Parents can follow along

We know you may be wondering if you can go along with your child on the obstacle course. Don’t worry! Participants must be under adult supervision at all times on the course. At least one adult parent or legal guardian (18+) is required to stay with their child. That is why we set up walking trails along the kids course. Parents are welcome to use those trails to watch their child progress through the rope course. A bonus? It’s the perfect place to take photos to capture the memories!

Older kids can climb, too

We can’t forget about our older adventurers! Kids 9 to 11 might want a bit more of a challenge than the kids course provides, but the adult course may be too much. To solve this issue, Orlando Tree Trek has a junior ticket, which includes the first three courses from the adult ticket. Participants must be able to reach fingertips to a height of 5’9” while keeping their feet flat on the ground. Our older adventurers also get the chance to experience ziplining in Florida. Kids 12 and older can take on the adult ticket, with all four progressively higher and more challenging courses. If at any point it becomes too much for them or they feel stuck, they can call a guide for assistance.

Safety is our top priority

At Orlando Tree Trek, safety is our top priority. We require all climbers—including kids—to adhere to our clothing requirements to keep our visitors safe. Closed-toe shoes are an absolute must. We also ask that kids opt for clothes that aren’t baggy and have a tighter fit. If they have longer hair, they must also tie it back to keep the hair out of their face and limit the risk of it getting stuck in equipment. All climbers also go through a practice course at the start of their treetop trek so they feel 100 percent confident working our equipment. And, as we said, our dedicated guides are there all the time for any help your climber might need.

So the answer is obvious! Yes, a rope adventure park is a good activity for kids. Orlando Tree Trek is the perfect place for the whole family to experience and enjoy. You no longer have to worry about whether or not your kids can zipline Orlando. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with your family by your side.

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