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Is a ropes course safe for kids?

Wondering if a tree to tree adventure park is safe for families with children? Fear not! At Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park, your family’s safety comes first. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure every precaution is taken, providing a worry-free and enjoyable ropes course adventures in Florida for both kids and adults.

While our FAQ page offers quick answers, we want to ensure parents have a complete understanding of what to expect when preparing for a day at our rope adventure park with their children.

Rope park safety 

At Orlando Tree Trek, we understand that kids’ safety is paramount, especially when it comes to tree to tree adventures. That’s why our introductory course is meticulously crafted to provide young adventurers with an exhilarating yet secure experience.  

From beginners to experienced climbers, children receive comprehensive safety training under the guidance of our expert team. Our attentive guides take special care in securing each child’s harness, ensuring they can explore the treetops with confidence. With top-of-the-line equipment, including the CLiC-iT system, parents can rest assured knowing their little ones are safely anchored throughout their adventure.  

Age and height requirements 

For the safety and enjoyment of you and your family, Orlando Tree Trek offers courses tailored to guests’ age and height.   

With a kids ticket, young climbers ages 6 to 8 can explore two separate kids courses and 21 games, provided they can reach 4’7” with fingertips while their feet are flat on the ground. Throughout their treetop trek, climbers can safely test their courage while parents walk on the path below.  

Junior ticket climbers, ages 9-11, must be able to reach the tips of their fingers to a height of 5’9” while keeping their feet on the ground. With this ticket, kids can experience the thrills of our giant ziplines and three of our color-coded, progressively challenging courses, Green, Blue and Silver.  

For older kids, our adult ticket features four sections designed for participants ages 12 and up, reaching a height of 5’11” with fingertips and feet flat. All three ticket levels are a fantastic opportunity to capture memories of your kids conquering challenges and relishing the excitement. 

What to wear 

As your kids prepare for their rope park adventure, safety takes precedence over style. Closed-toe shoes are a must for protection and stability, while snug-fitting attire minimizes interference with equipment. It’s essential to tie back longer hair and leave behind any dangling jewelry to prevent accidents. These precautions ensure that your children can enjoy their adventure to the fullest while staying safe and secure. 

Overall, exploring the thrill of an aerial obstacle course is not just exciting but also safe for kids. At Orlando Tree Trek, families can embark on an unforgettable journey together, where worries about safety are put to rest. Get ready to create lasting memories with your kids as you soar into the adventure of a lifetime.  

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