Insider tips for our treetop trek

We get it. If you’ve never been on a treetop trek, you might have no idea what to expect. In fact, you might not even know what a tree to tree adventure park is!

At Orlando Tree Trek, we’re here to make sure you know everything there is to know about adventure park ziplines before you even touch a harness.

We love to share these adventures in Florida with everyone we meet, whether you’re a beginner or advanced. Here are some of our best insider tips to help you feel as comfortable as possible prior to arriving at our ziplining and ropes course.

Arrive early

At Orlando Tree Trek, we zipline rain or shine, all day long. Booking an early flight, though, comes with a lot of pros you should keep in mind. Climbing early allows you to make the most of your tree to tree adventures without suffering under the Florida sun. You’ll beat the heat and the crowd with our earlier time slots.

Another insider tip? Arrive on time! The departure time you book is your arrival time. You will start on the course 30 minutes after this time. This allows you to jumpstart your experience with training and harness-fitting so you’ll be fully ready for fun.

And did you know that you can save up to 25% just be being an early-bird adventurer? Check out our specials online for promo codes!

Dress for success

One of the most important ways to prepare yourself for your thrilling treetop trek is making sure you are wearing clothes that will ensure your safety. We require proper clothing and footwear at the park. This means no baggy or loose-fitting clothes and no slip-on or open-toed shoes. Wear something light and comfortable so you don’t feel restricted while showing off your best skills.

To be that much safer, we recommend leaving jewelry at home so that it doesn’t get caught on anything. The same goes for your hair; tie up your long locks for your safety and pleasure (you wouldn’t want to miss the view).

Hydration is key

This is your reminder that hydration is extremely important for adventures in Florida, let alone adventure park ziplines! Put your safety first and make sure you have enough water to stay cool and handle the Florida heat.

If you don’t want to carry around your bottled water for your entire trip, or if you’re worried about not bringing enough, have no fear! We offer a water band for purchase. This allows you to have unlimited water bottles from the coolers at the end of every course.

It’s not just ziplining

If you thought Orlando Tree Trek was just for zip lining in Florida, we have news for you. It’s so much more!

Our rope park is basically a giant, aerial obstacle course. You’ll encounter wobbly logs, barrels, hang walls and more. Of course, there are ziplines throughout the courses, too, in addition to our GIANT zipline at the end.

For those who aren’t adrenaline junkies or are bringing the little ones, opt for our walking trail instead. The trail offers beautiful scenery that has picture-perfect spots to take photos of your favorite adventurers above. The Kids Course also easily allows parents to walk while snapping photos of the little ones enjoying their obstacle course.

Now that you know the inside scoop on our favorite rope adventure park, it’s time to book your treetop trek. Call us today at 407-390-9999 or visit our website here to come hang out.

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