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When is the best time to go to a rope adventure park?

If you’ve been thinking about planning a trip to a tree to tree adventure park, you might envision yourself soaring through the trees on adventure park ziplines, crawling through suspended barrels like a ninja or swinging on ropes like Tarzan.

But while you tackle the rope park, how’s the weather?

Depending on where you are, there are many choices as when to time your aerial adventure. For us at Orlando Tree Trek, this is when being located in the Sunshine State has its perks! For us, the answer for the best time of the year to visit is ANYTIME.

With pleasant winters and sunny summers, our rope adventure park is the perfect way to get outdoors and make memories, whenever your Orlando vacation may be.

While it’s beautiful year-round, we have some seasonal tips for you so you can get the most out of your adventures in Florida.

Summer and fall

Here in the City Beautiful, summers like to linger far past their calendar end-date, so we Floridians can wear shorts well into the fall months. The midday sun during these seasons is exactly what many people picture when they think of a Florida vacation. But if you want to beat the heat while you’re on the ropes course, we recommend getting up a little earlier to enjoy the cooler morning temperatures.

As the day goes on, you’re more likely to encounter the afternoon showers, as well. At Tree Trek, we climb rain or shine, but climbing early can help you avoid getting too wet. It doesn’t hurt that if you start your climb at 8, 8:30 or 9 a.m.., you can save on normal ticket prices with our early bird specials while hitting the obstacle course!

Winter and spring

While we enjoy pretty mild winters down here in Florida, we aren’t always immune to chilly days. Once the cold finally creeps in, it often hangs around through early spring. These cooler temperatures can be much appreciated as you work up a sweat as you zipline Florida and take on our obstacles! If you’re a true Floridian, however, and want to avoid the chill, hit snooze and take on the day with a treetop trek in the comfort of the sun’s rays in the afternoon.

No matter which season you choose to explore Florida, Orlando Tree Trek can make it the perfect day. We have 97 amazing aerial challenges for you to tackle, so it’s a good thing you have 365 days to explore them all. Want to make the most of the Florida weather with adventure? Grab an Annual Pass and enjoy every season with tree to tree adventures.

Give us a call at 407-390-9999 so we can help you make the most out trip whenever you’re coming to visit.

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