How to make the most of your zipline Florida adventure

It’s no secret that Florida is a never-ending adventure. The hardest part about visiting the Sunshine State might just be figuring out what to do next! At Orlando Tree Trek, we might be able to make that decision a little easier. How about tackling your next Florida adventure in the air?  

Ziplining in Florida gives you a whole new perspective and a whole new way to explore. You can see our beautiful flora and fauna below while you hang with the birds up high.  

We know attempting to zipline in Orlando might not be on your usual list of possible adventures in Florida, so here are our tips on how to make the most of your zipline Florida Adventure.  

Arrive early  

Ziplining is a thrill no matter when you go, but all true Floridians know the summer (and sometimes fall and spring) heat can be brutal. We suggest getting to Tree Trek early so you can get the most out of ziplining before it gets too hot.  

A bonus? You’ll also be able to beat the crowd! Booking an early departure time will ensure you can get to your tree to tree adventures without too much of a wait. 

Arrive prepared 

Soaring to new heights requires some preparation from the ground. It’s imperative that when tackling this treetop trek you’re ready to have a safe “flight”. We require proper clothing and footwear be worn at all times. No baggy or loose-fitting clothing or slip-on or open-toed shoes are allowed. We also recommend no jewelry. Make sure long hair is tied back and away from your face. You wouldn’t want to miss the view!  

We also want to remind you that hydration is important when it comes to adventure park ziplines. Make sure you’ve brought your water or have purchased a water band from us and you are keeping yourself hydrated during the course of your visit.  

Pay attention during instructional demonstrations 

We know you’re probably excited and just want to get up there! Before that can happen, however, we need to go through some basic training and demonstrations. We ask that you pay close attention during the training course so you can feel prepared and safe once ziplining. Once the brief demonstration is over, you can head up where you can savor the wind on your face as you tackle obstacles and ziplines.   

But wait, there’s more… 

The action doesn’t stop at ziplining. Orlando Tree Trek is also a ropes course. Challenge yourself with an obstacle course above it all! This rope park will put your adventure skills to the test as you power through four different courses peppered with awesome ziplines throughout. 

Have fun 

We can’t forget the most important tip. This experience is all about having fun! Whether you’re visiting Tree Trek with friends or family, you’re bound to have a good time. There’s no shortage of fun in this tree to tree adventure park, especially if you follow these tips. We can’t wait to see you out there soaring through the sky on your next zipline Florida adventure.  

Ready to hang around our rope adventure park? Call us today at 407-390-9999 or visit our website here to book your adventure in Florida.  

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